Psychological Test: Kafka  Which Kafka Character Are You?

Drawings of Kafka's novel figures
Kafka's novel characters Illustration: © Beatrice Davies

He is considered one of the 20th century’s most famous authors: Franz Kafka. His works are still relevant today, they are universal, full of grotesque and fascinating characters. Which of Kafka’s literary characters are you? Answer the questions in our psychological test to find out! The symbols you pick most often will reveal your result.

1. How would your friends describe you?

♦   They say I’m shy.
•    I’m not bothered about descriptions.
≈   My friends would say I enjoy a lot of partying.
► They have described me as very sensible on a few occasions. 

2.  A member of your family has the ‘flu, how do you react?

•    I absolutely don’t want to catch it! I need to work and stay fit.
►  I would look after them. 
≈   I’d offer them my advice, I can’t do any more than that.
♦   If anyone in my family gets sick, I’m definitely going to get sick too.

3. What do you think is the secret of true love?

► You have to support each other in love, and be able to depend on one another.  
•    I don’t believe in true love. I try to keep things as straightforward as possible. 
≈   There’s no such thing as “one” single true love, every love is true and unique.
 ♦  The only true love is an unconditional love.

4. How would you describe your relationship with work?

•    I work even when I’m on holiday. Work comes first for me.
♦   For me, work is purpose-oriented. I don’t particularly like my work, but I need to pay my
≈   I like my work and I want to focus on my personal development, but work is not the most
     important thing in life.
► Wishes don’t wash dishes.

5. It’s Sunday evening, which film classic would you watch?

•    Citizen Kane  
♦   All Quiet on the Western Front
≈  Thelma & Louise
► Casablanca

6. How would you react if you were involved in a court case?

•    It wouldn’t affect me emotionally. Feelings are not appropriate in legal proceedings.  
♦   I would be badly impacted emotionally. I would find it horrible.
≈   It wouldn’t be too bad. I’m interested in legal affairs, I find them fascinating.
► I would approach it more pragmatically.

7. Choose one of the following quotes:

♦   “How about if I sleep a little bit longer and forget all this nonsense.”
≈   “No, no, I’m never cross with anyone.”
► “So then you’re free?”
•   “Lies are made into a universal system.”

8. Are you a ...

► proactive …
♦   passive …
≈   active …
•   offensive person?

9. What’s your motto in life?

► Explore new avenues.
♦   Help others.
≈   Be free and do what you want.
•    Live and let live.

Count now your selected symbols and find out the result!

• Joseph K. – diligent, successful and self-destructive

You are Joseph K. from the novel The Trial. 30-year-old Joseph is extremely hardworking and ambitious, almost a workaholic. He’s the chief clerk of a large bank and holds extensive privileges and powers. Apart from his work and a few sporadic human contacts, there’s nothing else in K.’s life. He has almost no friends, his father is already dead and his relationships with other family members have broken down. He has a successful career, yet Joseph seems to be socially isolated. His romantic interactions are primarily limited to physical relations. Joseph K. exhibits self-destructive tendencies, which are expressed in his ignorance concerning his own emotions, his obsession with the court and his frequent thoughts of suicide.
Joseph K.

Joseph K. | Illustration: © Beatrice Davies

≈ Fräulein Bürstner – seductive, independent and beloved

You are Fräulein Bürstner from the novel The Trial. Fräulein Bürstner is the neighbour of Joseph K. and works as a shorthand typist. She’s an emancipated, independent personality. Fräulein Bürstner actively participates in a social and cultural lifestyle without depending on the company of a man. She is a person of strong character, who pursues her own goals with confidence and commitment. She creates the impression of being unapproachable and mysterious. She has a bad reputation with her landlady, Frau Grubach, because she’s out a lot and often comes home very late. Fraulein Bürstner is interested in legal affairs. Her intellectual curiosity in regard to the trial makes her attractive to Joseph K. and over time she becomes the object of his desire.

Fräulein Bürstner

Fräulein Bürstner | Illustration: © Beatrice Davies

♦ Gregor Samsa – reserved, morose and selfless

You are Gregor Samsa from the novella The Metamorphosis. Gregor is between 20 and 30 years old and works as a salesman for a textile company. He only took his job to pay off his father’s debts. Although Gregor is not to blame for his father’s failings, he feels responsible for them – and this results in a burdensome dependence, under which he suffers greatly. He is conscientious, hard-working, responsible and altruistic. Gregor does not have many friends or acquaintances. His melancholic, reserved, selfless and kind nature causes him to be exploited and ultimately despised by his family. Although he could defend himself, he does not do so for his family’s sake. His personality is characterised by good faith, but at the same time he lacks moral courage. He is easily led, naïve and often not capable of representing his own views. Sometimes he is overcome by a surge of strong emotions that seem disproportionately intense.
Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa | Illustration: © Beatrice Davies

► Grete Mitzelbach – caring, maternal and helpful

You are Grete Mitzelbach from the novel The Man Who Disappeared. Grete Mitzelbach comes from Vienna. She is 50 years old and works as head cook at the Hotel Occidental. Grete suffers from constant insomnia, which is caused by the high level of physical stress associated with her work. You can see the tiredness in her eyes and on her face. She is a sincere, empathetic and helpful person. Before she emigrated to America she worked in Prague, Karl’s birthplace, and together with head waiter, Herr Isbary, Grete Mitzelbach embodies the “parent figure” for Karl Roßmann, the novel’s protagonist. Her character traits remind Karl of his biological mother, who lives in Europe. She is caring and advocates for Karl, having developed a soft spot for him right from the outset.
Grete Mitzelbach

Grete Mitzelbach | Illustration: © Beatrice Davies


Many thanks to Beatrice Davies for the wonderful illustrations.

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