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In countries where the Goethe-Institut and other international cultural institutions have had to close their locations due to wars or censorship, many artists and intellectuals have lost spaces for dissent, dialogue and intercultural exchange.Goethe-Institut in Exile is a meeting place, shelter and stage for cultural professionals who can no longer work in their home country because of war.

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Festival impressions and recordings in the media library

From 6 to 9 October 2022, Kunsthaus ACUD in Berlin was devoted to Ukrainian culture: To kick off the project Goethe-Institut in Exile, a four-day festival with Ukrainian artists and experts from all over the world took place. Selected content is now available in our media library.

Festival review: Goethe-Institut in Exile – Ukraine © Goethe-Institut

About the project

For two years, Goethe-Institut in Exile will offer creative artists who, due to life-threatening circumstances, are no longer able to work in their own countries, or only with difficulty, a stage as well as a place for discussion and exchange. Learn more about the project:

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