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In countries where the Goethe-Institut and other international cultural institutions have had to close their locations due to wars or censorship, many artists and intellectuals have lost spaces for dissent, dialogue and intercultural exchange. Goethe-Institut in Exile is a meeting place, shelter and stage for cultural professionals who can no longer work in their home country because of war or censorship.

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Iranian Art and Culture in Exile at the Goethe-Institut

From the end of January, the Goethe-Institut in Exile will be devoting itself to the cultural scene in Iran. The programme reflects the current situation of the local Arts and cultural scene and gives the German-Iranian community a space for dialogue. The focus is on the question of how artistic, literary or even performative positions negotiate the current, but also past political crises in Iran. Find out about all current events here.

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Festival impressions and recordings in the media library

From 6 to 9 October 2022, Kunsthaus ACUD in Berlin was devoted to Ukrainian culture: To kick off the project Goethe-Institut in Exile, a four-day festival with Ukrainian artists and experts from all over the world took place. Selected content is now available in our media library.

Festival review: Goethe-Institut in Exile – Ukraine © Goethe-Institut

About the project

For two years, Goethe-Institut in Exile will offer creative artists who, due to life-threatening circumstances, are no longer able to work in their own countries, or only with difficulty, a stage as well as a place for discussion and exchange. Learn more about the project:

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