The Project

Goethe-Institut в екзилі є місцем зустрічі, захисту і сценою для діячів культури, які внаслідо війни більше не можуть працювати на батьківщині. © Goethe-Institut

Goethe-Institut im Exil - Key Visual © Goethe-Institut

A Space for Discussion and Exchange

In countries where the Goethe-Institut and other international cultural institutions have had to close their locations due to wars or censorship, many artists and intellectuals have lost spaces for dissent, dialogue and intercultural exchange. Goethe-Institut in Exile is a meeting place, safe space and stage for cultural professionals who can no longer work in their home country.

Tasks and objectives

Cultural actors who are no longer able to work in their own countries due to life-threatening circumstances, or only with difficulty, are given an opportunity to continue to find a public for their

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