Concert Hip Hop Concert (Säye Skye, Dornika)

Dornika, Säye Skye © Dornika, David Kavaler; Säye Skye, Ibrar Hossein

Sun, 29.01.2023

8:00 PM

Kunsthaus ACUD


Gender fluid Iranian-American artist Dornika is a Berlin based musician, visual artist, drag performer and vocal coach. Born in Tehran, she migrated with her mom to the US at age 7 only to move back a few years later to Tehran where she grew up. She moved to Berlin in 2017, establishing herself shorty after in the vibrant queer nightlife scene, creating her alter-ego Many Faced Godx. She mixes elements of drag, music and dance performances in festivals and clubs all over Europe.

Säye Skye

Säye Skye is a rapper, music producer and a human rights advocate who is not afraid of challenging the totalitarian systems like the Islamic Republic through conscious art. Born in Tehran, Säye grew up with Farsi poems of Rumi - a gift that lead him write his first poem at a age of seven. Later on he began writing for nationwide newspapers like Hamshahri and Kayhan. It was the censorship in his articles that made him stop believing in changing the system and realizing rebellion is the only way in defying the oppressive regime.