Christian Loclair

Christian Mio Loclair © Christian Mio Loclair Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair is a new media artist and choreographer from Berlin. He explores the harmonic friction of human bodies, movement and nature colliding with digital procedures, data driven algorithms and machine learning. His company Waltz Binaire designs, implements and communicates AI-based creative projects for companies and organisations.

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My favourite AI in culture project at the moment is… called “Keeper of our collective consciousness” by Memo Akten.

By 2030 I would like to have an AI app which… is a god that answers.

My worst AI nightmare is… also the god that answers.

The future of AI needs… as many diverse and educated people as possible, willing to shape the global intelligence of the future.

Christian Loclair's contribution: “My material is mostly information”: AI artist Christian Mio Loclair in interview