Stephan Baumann

Stephan Baumann © Marie Gouil Professor Stephan Baumann is an AI researcher and musician, working in Berlin and Kaiserslautern at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). He wrote his dissertation on Artificial Listening Systems at DFKI and IRCAM and co-founded SONICSON, a startup specialized in music recommendation. His research interests are AI and creativity and deep learning.

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My favourite AI in culture project at the moment is… Jukebox.
By 2030 I would like to have an AI app which… which reminds me to take care of my mental health in time, to take breaks and offline times and to spend my time with good people and good energy.
My worst AI nightmare is… that the laziness of people puts AI's advice above their own ability to think and make decisions.
The future of AI needs… creative, interdisciplinary and responsible AI forethinkers, who enjoy real life and the beauty of human sensuality.

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