Martin Skrodzki

Martin Skrodzki Network profile pic © Martin Skrodzki Martin Skrodzki studied at TU Dortmund University, Texas A&M Int. University and Freie Universität Berlin. He received his PhD from Freie Universität Berlin in 2019 and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Brown University (USA), the RIKEN Research Institute (Japan), and TU Delft (the Netherlands). His research interests include geometry processing and visualization as well as interactions of sciences and art.

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My favourite AI in culture project at the moment is… the Understanding AI exhibition by the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, which greatly contributes to communicating to the general public not only the benefits of AI, but also some problematic aspects as well as open research questions.

By 2030 I would like to have an AI app which… enables even more non-expert and non-technically-inclined artists to use and channel AI technologies within their artwork and thereby highlight not only the potentials, but also the shortcomings of current applications and developments.

My worst AI nightmare is… the ongoing and largely unrestricted inclusion of autonomous machine decision pipelines within the military sector.

The future of AI needs… a broad discussion on all levels of society and including all members of society, such as, e.g., ethics researchers, artists, non-specialist end-users, and the global youth, who all should have a say in the further developments of AI technologies.

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