Reconsidering Europe

Reconsiderung Europe
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Reconsidering Europe. Unraveling Populism and the Future of the EU
Th/20/June/14:30 - 15:30 Panel Discussion

Language: English with German translation
Speakers: Konstanty Gebert, Abram de Swaan
Presented by: Yoeri Albrecht
Lichthaus Kino 3

The European Union is seeing itself confronted with an unprecedented populist rise. From Hungary and Poland to Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy, populist and nationalist parties have conquered parliaments and governments in recent years. Furthermore, for the first time in EU history, a member state has decided to leave the European Union. Is this just the beginning of a slow decline of the EU, or is there a way out of the current crisis?

In collaboration with the Dutch centre for politics, culture and media De Balie.