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What leisure activities can you do? There are plenty of options in the city:


Do you like culture? In most German towns and cities there are museums, cinemas, theatre and concert events. Cinemas are increasingly screening the original versions (OV) of international films. You can read books, listen to music and watch films for little or no charge. You can also borrow the books, films and CDs: you take them home with you and bring them back later. 

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Adult education centres, associations and clubs

Many places have adult education centres. In particular you will find courses for adults, for instance dancing courses or language courses. You can use the link below to find the nearest adult education centre to the place where you live:

Do you like sport? The adult education centres also offer sports courses. But you can also go to a public swimming pool or join a sports club. 

Another option is associations and clubs. An association brings together people who share the same interests and goals. For example there are music associations, sports associations, cookery clubs or computer clubs. There are associations for adults and for young people.

There are often free activities for parents and children. For instance some towns have playgroups for children.

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Parks and nature

Do you enjoy being outdoors? There are parks in every town. There are many playgrounds for children. You can usually visit them free of charge. You can see unusual plants in botanical gardens. You can visit animals from all around the world in the zoo. There is usually an admission charge for botanical gardens and zoos. Many regions also have lakes, forests or mountains – maybe you even live near the sea.

At home

At home most people enjoy watching television or listening to the radio. Every household in Germany has to register its radio and its television with the GEZ and pay a monthly fee for it. At the moment it costs 17.98 EUR per month. If you don’t have much money, you don’t have to pay anything. 

Maybe your building has a yard or balcony. You are not always allowed to do everything there. For instance you are not always allowed to have a barbecue on the balcony. Check the house rules for all information on such matters. 

You can also find out information about local leisure opportunities on your town or community website.

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