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Nusasonic Residencies

Nusasonic residencies aim to strengthen artistic knowledge and links within the region and with Europe. The yearly residencies occur at various locations in South East Asia.

About Nusasonic Residencies


Collo Awata

Collo Awata

Collo Awata, is a music producer, sound designer, DJ, and video artist of Kenyan heritage based in Berlin. They reflect their diversity of influences through eclectic electronic productions and curation of mixes tailored for the multi-dimensional spheres of club culture, fashion, and art. 

Jessica Ekomane © Silje Nes

Jessica Ekomane

Berlin-based musician and installation artist Jessica Ekomane creates situations in which sound functions as a form of catharsis. Her work intersperses noise and melody, playing with listeners’ perception of rhythmic structures and seeking to transform the space between sound and audience.

Laure Boer © Paul Rousteau

Laure Boer

Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and singer Laure Boer is inspired by electronic and traditional folk music. Her performances are hypnotic improvisations around traditional instruments, odd percussion, and the occasional French texts; a vibrant universe that is both vulnerable and brutal.

Madam Data

Madam Data

Madam Data is a musician, composer, and sound scientist who explores machine and spirit interfaces.

Nadah el Shazly ©Nadah el Shazly

Nadah el Shazly

Starting out singing Misfits covers in a local punk band, Cairo’s Nadah el Shazly has since been making a name for herself in the city’s underground scene by producing her own electronic tracks. Her debut album, Ahwar (2017), emerged via Nawa Recordings, a label run by Khyam Allami that focuses on Middle Eastern artists.