Jessica Ekomane

Jessica Ekomane© Silje Nes
Berlin-based musician and installation artist Jessica Ekomane creates situations in which sound functions as a form of catharsis. Her work intersperses noise and melody, playing with listeners’ perception of rhythmic structures and seeking to transform the space between sound and audience.
At Berlin’s We Make Waves festival 2017 she played with mistakes and failure, bringing to the foreground sounds that often go unheard. At CTM 2018 she used psychoacoustics and polyrhythmic structures to explore how we strive for meaning/seek familiarity when faced with chaotic or complex musical information, much like we do when faced with the intricacies of real life.
She was one of Berlin Community Radio’s 2017 Incubator residents, and one of the recipients of an honorary mention for the Sonotopia Award 2016, as well as for Ars Electronica 2013 for Light / Movement (as part of Robert Henke’s Pulse Lab II: Works for Wave Field Synthesis). She was recently chosen to be part of the Shape roaster of artists for 2019 and currently hosts a monthly show on Cashmere Radio, Open Sources, focused on linking folk and traditional music with contemporary musical experiments.
Jessica Ekomane is funded by CTM’s Berlin Current initiative, which aims to support the city’s emerging artists and sound cultures. Funded by MusicBoard Berlin.