Rully Shabara

Rully Shabara© by Bartek Muracki
Born in Palu, Indonesia, Rully Shabara is interested in exploring human voice as a medium of creation, and language as a subject to experiment with. Shabara has initiated numerous concept-based projects around voice, for instance navigating vocal range, textures, and spirituality in his project Senyawa (with Wukir Suriyadi), or developing a conceptual language-driven band project Zoo. He has delivered workshops around the globe, which focus on using the human voice as a rich resource to explore primal expression and improvisations.

Shabara has collaborated with many notable international musicians and artists such as Keiji Haino, Stephen O`Malley, Otomo Yoshihide, Rabih Beaini, Damo Suzuki, Bob Ostertag, Yoshida Tatsuya, Trevor Dunn, Arrington DeDionyso, Justin Vernon, Jon Sass, DJ Sniff, Daisuke Fuwa, Greg Fox, and many more.

INSTAGRAM: @rshabara