Jorge Wieneke V

Similarobjects creative 3d HEADSHOT3D headshot courtesy of the artist.
Jorge Juan B. Wieneke (AKA similarobjects) is an electronic music educator and musician from Manila, Philippines. Seeking to aurally express the junction of technology, video games, and art by utilising the theoretical frameworks of polystylism and esoterics; Jorge reaches into the depths of the modern-day with older, almost forgotten cultural lenses. 
He is one of the founders of BuwanBuwan Collective, an electronic artist community & record label focused on cultivating the PH beatmaker scene; a co-founder of Manila Community Radio, a PH-based decentralised community radio initiative; and one of the co-founders of Club Matryoshka, a PH-based but international virtual venue hosted in Minecraft, and established to enable a diverse and experimental set of artists to perform in a decolonised space that platforms and focuses on performers with non-white, LGBTQIA+, female, and neurodivergent majority lineups.

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