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IPST Education Award

Honors the film that stands as an excellent example of science journalism intended for young audiences aged 6 - 12. Scientific explanations are presented with the cognitive level of young viewers in mind and the structure of the film reflects an effective audio-visual pedagogical approach.

 The Institut for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST)

IPST Education Award

Quma & the Beasts

12,000 years ago in South America, a young boy named Quma dreams of becoming a skilled hunter. Through a captivating animated film, viewers witness the pivotal moments of Quma's spiritual awakening during a transformative solitary journey in the wilderness. The jury found themselves moved by the film's non-verbal communication, which artfully allows space for viewers to interpret and contemplate its educational and environmental messages. This project was crafted to share South America's rich cultural and natural heritage with a global audience. By immersing audiences in Quma's story, the film subtly encourages viewers to connect with their innate 'mini-naturalist' sensibilities, fostering a deep appreciation for nature. Emphasizing the principle that sometimes less is more, particularly in educational films designed for younger audiences, the film eloquently communicates its powerful message through visual storytelling. It strategically leaves room for interpretation, enabling viewers to reflect on the profound themes it presents. Developed in collaboration with a team of archaeologists and paleontologists, the film stands as an educational resource for schools and museums. Its aim is to inspire and engage future generations as stewards of nature and as storytellers, igniting a passion for preserving our natural world among the youth.

  • Categories Family Edutainment

  • Original Title Quma y las Bestias
  • Director Iván Stur, Javier Ignacio Luna Crook
  • Produced by Fernanda Torrera
  • Running Time 10 minutes
  • Country Argentina
  • Year 2019