Partners and sponsors

The Children's Museum Jordan

The Children’s Museum Jordan is a non-profit educational institution launched by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdallah in 2007. The Museum is spread over 8000 m2 of more than over 180 indoor and outdoor interactive exhibits and educational facilities, such as the Library, Art Studio, Tinker Lab and Secret Garden, along with year-round educational programs, events and shows. Since its opening, the Children’s Museum Jordan has received more than 2.5 million visitors.

متحف الأطفال الأردن (CMJ)

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (ASHF)

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) was established in 1978 as a charitable initiative launched by the Arab Bank. Based on its belief in the importance of developing a common ground for Arab progress, the Arab Bank allocated a percentage of its yearly profits to fund the Foundation's establishment. Its aim was to ultimately support the national economy while also pushing forward scientific research, studies in Humanities, cultural enlightenment and social innovation.

مؤسسة عبد الحميد شومان (ASHF)