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2nd Edition
After its successful inauguration in 2017, Science Film Festival is returning to India for the 2nd edition this year. Food security and sustainability are urgent and critical issues facing India’s 1.1 billion population. The Science Film Festival 2018 highlights issues around nutrition and meeting the demands of a fast-growing world population.

Through film screenings, workshops and dialogs on the theme of “Food Revolution” in major Indian cities — New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, among others — Goethe-Institut wants to encourage meaningful discussions about alternative and sustainable solutions to ensure food security for the global population while tackling environmental challenges posed by industrial agriculture. We hope to engage young leaders and future decision-makers to build a cleaner, greener and healthier planet for all.

Film Selection 2018

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Over 30 pre-jury members with expertise in science education and science communication in the participating countries and in-depth knowledge of the local target audience are closely involved in the selection process. All films are translated and synchronized or subtitled into local languages where necessary to offer access without language barriers.


Farah Batool

Programme Coordinator

Farah Batool
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Project Coordinator

Preeti Shah

Our Partners and Sponsors in India

Partners and sponsors

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Environmentalist Foundation of India
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