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Sri Lanka

2nd Edition
The Science Film Festival was held for the second time in 2018 in Sri Lanka. A jury consisting of six members (2 Rupavahini TV, 1 Ministry of Science Technology & Research, 1 Open University Colombo, 1 University Colombo, 1 Goethe-Institut) reviewed all 107 internationally available films and then chose 38 films fitting to the interest of the Sri Lankan audiences. Half of the selected films were dubbed into Sinhalese & Tamil to make it easier for the spectators, especially in the Primary & Secondary schools, which are mostly not able to understand the English language, to understand and to participate in the activities. In the printed festival catalog for Sri Lanka, the synopses of the films with activities were for the first time explained in all three languages. In addition eight of the activities developed in Bangkok were taken over for Sri Lanka and multipliers of the individual districts were trained at the Goethe-Institut to implement them.

As in 2017, the festival was screened nationwide in all 25 districts through the use of multipliers from the Ministry of Science, Technology & Research, LEO Clubs, Young Scientists and selected Goethe-Institut students. Simultaneously the Goethe-Institut presented a series of six selected films for the general public. The Festival 2018 has been an extraordinary success. Thanks to the excellent collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology & Research, LEO Clubs, Young Scientists and the PASCH Schools and based on the experience of the previous year (2017), the number of visitors increased by 36% to a total of 112,000. In the second year, it has also been possible to conduct the activities nationwide in about one third of the 620 performance venues. The visitors, especially schoolchildren could understand the films very well and then participate inspired in the activities. The multipliers were also impressed by the synchronization of the films in the national languages and it made their work immensely easier. The evaluation, which was attended by about 5,000 schoolchildren reflects this tremendous success.


Dr. Petra Raymond

Director Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka

Daniel Stolle

Librarian - Internet-Contact Person

Our Partners and Sponsors in Sri Lanka

Partners and Sponsors

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
Sri Lankan Academy of Young Scientists
Leos o Sri Lanka
Ministry of Science, Technology and Research