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Burkina Faso

8th Edition
The eigth Science Film Festival in Burkina Faso took place from November 7 to 24, 2022 in Ouagadougou and Koudougou. The Goethe-Institut was the main organiser together with its partner, the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD). The majority of the screenings were organised in schools, but the Goethe-Institut and the Espace Culturel Gambidi were also used for public screenings.

In the schools, the screenings were followed by hands-on science experiments. Apart from the films in the official selection of the Science Film Festival, the local film that was produced by the Goethe-Institut and its partner last year was shown in schools and public screenings. The film "Le Sursis" by Karim Namoano, deals with the use of harmful pesticides in agriculture, a real scourge that decimates crops in Burkina Faso. In the public screenings, one film that attracted a lot of attention was the film “The Bill Gates Foundation and GMOs”. In this film, the audience felt directly concerned, because part of the film was shot in Burkina Faso.

It should also be noted that the Goethe-Institut and its partner (IRD) have decided to subsidise the production of a local film again in 2023. The Science Film Festival in Burkina Faso reached 1 221 viewers in 2022.

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Over 30 pre-jury members with expertise in science education and science communication in the participating countries and in-depth knowledge of the local target audience are closely involved in the selection process. All films are translated and synchronized or subtitled into local languages where necessary to offer access without language barriers.


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