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2nd Edition
Between November 4 to 8, the Discovery Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, screened films and conducted activities for over 200 primary school learners and their guardians. The centre facilitated exciting activities such as testing how strong an eggshell is, building bottle rockets and solar water heaters and exploring the ecosystem of what could be in their backyards. In a country in which women’s participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), is still somewhat stigmatized in some areas, the center was happy to report that half of the audience members were young girls. It is initiatives like these, the center said, that can support reducing gender inequality in STEM in Kenya. The center, located in an industrial area of Nairobi, is surrounded by underserved communities so much of the audience members had not been beneficiaries of exciting science education initiatives before. The festival was therefore successful in that it increased curiosity and diversity of science knowledge amongst youth who might not have had the opportunity to be part of a festival like this one before.

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