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5th Edition
The Science Film Festival celebrated its fifth edition in Kenya in 2022 and was held at Loiswell Academy and Jabali Christian School in collaboration with The Discovery Centre. 19 films were selected and screened from December 5 to 16. The visiting school groups were introduced to issues affecting society such as gender and science, women in STEM, and stereotypes at home. They would then watch the focus film of the day and after that, they would go into further discussion of the subject matter with the facilitators. They would then participate in learning activities, which were mostly hands-on projects.

A total of 705 students visited the screenings, which was a significant increase from previous years. The festival was a resounding success with students looking forward to the next edition and wishing there were more screenings. This was also evident from the messages received from parents.

Film Selection 2023

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Over 30 pre-jury members with expertise in science education and science communication in the participating countries and in-depth knowledge of the local target audience are closely involved in the selection process. All films are translated and synchronized or subtitled into local languages where necessary to offer access without language barriers.

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