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3rd Edition
Between October 7 – 18, the Goethe-Institut Namibia brought science film screenings accompanied by interactive activities such as artistic interventions and demonstrations to 590 school pupils, academics and members of the public. The institute partnered with the Imani Scietechnology Investment, Ministry of Mines and Energy, World Food Programme and the Namibian Centre of Scientific Research and Technology to host daily screenings for invited schools and night-time screenings for members of the public at venues offered by the Namibian Scientific Society, Scientific Society Swakopmund.

Science Film Festival 2019 - Namibia - Impressions
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The institute took the joy, on one of the days, of their third festival to a school in an informal settlement in Windhoek ensuring the achievement in this country of the region’s goal to expose underserved schools to great understanding of science. The institute screened "Anote’s Ark" as its opening film which made such an impact on its audience that festival partners including the Namibian Scientific Society are exploring founding a working group focusing on climate change in the new year. Activities that the partners facilitated for audience members included pressure and motion shows, hands-on activities such as building models for greenhouse gases, showing ocean acidification in a cup, showing the effects of greenhouse gases in a bottle, building a large, fresh green diorama and a corresponding dead jungle diorama to show the effects of global warming.


Daniel Stoevesandt

Director Goethe-Institut Namibia

Ruth Suermann

Cultural Programme Coordinator

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Our Partners and Sponsors in Namibia

Partners and sponsors

Namibia - Scientific Society - Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft
National Commision on Research Science & Technology (NCRST)
iziko - Museum of Africa
Imani Scietechnology Investment
Ministry of Mines and Energy
National Museum of Namibia
Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School