​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In the region Sub-Sahara Africa the pre-jury in 2023 consisted of the following members:
Beaugrain Doumongue


Beaugrain Doumongue is a civil engineer, holds a PhD in civil engineering (University of Lomé) and a PhD in building physics (La Rochelle University). Because of his commitment to the development of sustainable buildings and cities in Africa, he describes himself more as a "socio-engineer". He is chairman of "Construire pour demain", an association promoting sustainable buildings and cities in Africa, and co-founder of "Starksolutions", a territorial intelligence consultancy.

Science Film Festival - Pre-jury -  Beaugrain Doumongue

Civil engineer

Lidaou Aledi


Lidaou Aledi holds a degree in German Studies (University of Lomé) and is currently Head of Information and Library at the Goethe-Institut Lomé.

Science Film Festival - Pre-jury - Lidaou Aledi

Head of the Information and Library Department at the Goethe-Institut Lomé

Jana Eleanor von Hase


Jana Eleanor von Hase graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BA in Film and English Literature before receiving her Diploma in Film Directing from the City Varsity Film and Television School in Cape Town.
Von Hase successfully launched her career directing the documentary "The Mourning After" for NBC's 'Savannah Stories'. She then wrote and produced the award-winning short film "Rider Without a Horse" (2009), as Namibia's most famous colonial monument comes to life and takes a look around modern Namibia. She proceeded to coordinate the Wild Cinema International Film Festival in Namibia. After a brief hiatus, in which she devoted herself to her family, von Hase returned to rave reviews with her direction of musician TONETIC's award-winning music video "Undefended." She also collaborated with famous artists such as Africa's Jimi Hendrix - Keziah Jones in creating a musical portrait of the artist. Von Hase lives in Namibia working in Public Relations and culture well as consulting the film industry as an expert.

Science Film Festival - Pre-jury - Jana Eleanor von Hase

Director, Producer

Nadine Phiri


Nadine Phiri works for the Scientific Society Swakopmund. She started as an Archivist in 2011, soon realizing that her true passion lies in history and heritage. After a short time away from the Scientific Society Swakopmund , she found herself returning as the Assistant Curator in 2019. She has a true passion for teaching, so education in the Museum environment is something she thrives on and constantly challenges herself and her team to reach new heights in. Constantly busy with a variety of projects to benefit her community, creating exhibitions and planning workshops for Ocean Month, Heritage week, Science Film Festival and even tackling issues as Autism and Ocean Awareness . She is also part of the Internation Council of Museums being the Vice - Chairperson on the Namibian National Committee. 2022 she then took on the Curator position at the Swakopmund Museum.

Nadine Phiri

Scientific Society Swakopmund



Komlan TOGBEDJI is a Togolese citizen and an official at the African Development Bank, where he is responsible for information and communication technology in the Togo office. He has more than twenty years of professional experience in the design and implementation of IT solutions in banks, telecommunications companies and development projects.  He owes his rigor, ambition and professionalism to his past as a high school physics teacher. 
Passionate about education, Mr. TOGBEDJI is a strong advocate of digital services for the purpose of good governance for Africa's sustainable development.

Science Film Festival - Pre-jury - Komlan TOGBEDJI

African Development Bank official

Sónia Gama Pereira


Sónia Gama Pereira, born in Lisbon on July 31, 1972, is a Portuguese scientist and educator. She currently lives in Maputo, Mozambique, where she works as Coordinator of the Hands on Science-CCVnE Project at EPM-CELP, a primary, secondary and vocational school. Sónia is an advocate for innovation and improvement of science and technology education in schools through experimental and investigative practice in the classroom.

In parallel, she has been teaching subjects such as Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Spectroscopy as guest lecturer at the Faculty of Science of Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), Mozambique, since 2008.
In 2019 she obtained her professionalization in pedagogy from Universidade Aberta, Portugal. In 2005, she completed her PhD in Materials Engineering (Biomaterials) from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the University of Lisbon, Portugal and from Virginia Tech, USA. She also has a degree in Chemistry Technology from Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa.

Sónia Gama Pereira is a professional committed to the promotion of science education. Her experience as coordinator of the Hands on Science Project-CCVnE, and her activities as a teacher and researcher demonstrate her commitment to promote quality education, encouraging critical and scientific thinking among students.

In addition, Sónia also has other interests, from politics to literature and cinema. These personal passions certainly contribute to her wide vision and her ability to engage in different areas of knowledge.

Science Film Festival - Pre-jury - Mozambique: Sónia Gama Pereira

Scientist and educator