​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In Indonesia the pre-jury in 2021 consisted of the following members:
Alifiano Raditya Putra
Science Film Festival 2022 - Pre-Jury - Aisyah Naqiyah Salsabila

Student, ITQAN Islamic School Bandung

Born in 2010, Aisyah Naqiyah Salsabila (now 11 years old), is a fifth-grade student in ITQAN Islamic School Bandung. When she’s not busy studying, Aisyah enjoys watching Japanese anime, making arts and crafts, writing her diary, and playing with her two younger siblings. In school, Aisyah likes math. She also takes private math lessons, where she can explore quick solutions to math problems, to develop her numeric skills and to complement her classroom learning. Not only math, Aisyah is also interested in languages. She studies English, Arabic, and Sundanese in school, and she teaches herself Japanese. Aisyah’s interest in Japanese anime has led her to her love for comic books, and she’s always excited to look for movie references on the internet. Since Aisyah was 8 years old, she never missed a chance to attend the Science Film Festival held by Goethe-Institut Bandung with her parents. In every experiment, she has always been an enthusiastic and active participant. Naturally, she was delighted for being selected as one of the festival’s young judges. She can’t wait for the event and looks forward to learning more about science in a fun way!

Alfath Fatansyah Nur
Science Film Festival 2022 - Pre-Jury - Indonesia: Alfath Fatansyah Nur

Student, SMPN 1 Anggeraja

Alfath Fatansyah Nur, or simply Alfath, was born in 2007. He is currently in grade nine of public junior secondary school (SMPN) 1 Anggeraja. Outside of class, Alfath actively participates in compulsory extracurricular programs, such as scouts and Quran reading and writing. Alfath also joins a group in a mosque to learn more about Quran reading and writing.

School aside, Alfath has personal interests in film, science, and anime. In fact, his favorite movie genre is historical films. “G30SPKI” – a docudrama that depicts the supposed political coup attempt by Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) – leaves a special impression on Alfath. The tragic scenes of abduction of top-level army generals, which in some cases happened in their own homes according to the film, were memorable for him. Alfath couldn’t be more excited to be joining the Science Film Festival (SFF) as a young judge.

Angelika Bernadeta Kolin
Science Film Festival 2022 - Pre-Juri - Indonesia: Angelika Bernadeta Kolin


Angelika Bernadeta Kolin, or Angel, was born in Sorong in 2005. She is currently a twelfth-grade student in a senior secondary school, SMA YPPK AGUSTINUS OF SORONG CITY. She enjoys doing campaigns and being a member of an organization as well as singing and dancing. But her favorite activity is cooking. Angel is always in the kitchen, experimenting and creating dishes that no one has ever made. She equally likes being in an organization. In junior secondary, she led her school’s student’s association and she served as chair for the school’s scout executive board.

Dewi Siti Hanizar
Science Film Festival 2022 - Pre-Jury - Indonesia: Dewi Siti Hanizar

Chairperson A.I, Center For Science, Technology, And Languages In Pontianak City

Dewi Siti Hanizar was born in Putussibau, a city in the upstream of the Kapuas River – Indonesia’s longest river. She began her public service career in 1986 under the Education and Culture Office of Putussibau Sub-District as staff member. In 1991, she went with her husband – who was furthering his study at the time – to Semarang and was assigned to work in a senior secondary school, SMA Tugu Soeharto, and later a public junior secondary school, SMPN 25 Semarang. She returned to Putussibau at the end of 1995 and moved to Pontianak in 1998, where she was assigned under the city’s Education and Culture Office. She had the chance to study in Pontianak’s Universitas Tanjung Pura, faculty of teaching and education for her bachelor’s and master’s degree in education administration. In 2006, Dewi was assigned in a non-formal and informal learning center in Pontianak and in 2016 rotated to the Center for Science, Technology, and Languages of Pontianak. She first served as the Head of the Administration Sub-Division and in October 2021 was entrusted as the Center’s chairperson ad interim. In this position, Dewi looks forward to cultivating creative ideas in science, technology, and languages to support the Center’s function.

Work aside, Dewi is a sports and arts enthusiast, enjoys poetry writing, and is excited for being involved as a judge in the Science Film Festival (SFF). For Dewi, this is a wonderful gift that nicely caps her long career in public service, as she is going to retire in 2023.

This year’s SFF also marks the fourth year of collaboration between Goethe-Institut Jakarta and the Center. Dewi hopes that this collaboration continues, as she believes that science and knowledge development offer endless discovery and exploration. Science should be studied for the benefit of the society, and that everyone should take part to do that they can while the opportunity is there.

Prita Kusumaputri
Science Film Festival 2022 - Pre-Jury - Indonesia: Prita Kusumaputri

Journalist, Deutsche Welle Indonesia

Prita Kusumaputri is currently a journalist with Deutsche Welle Indonesia. She also manages the @dw.nesia Instagram account, which shares various updates from Germany and Europe, Indonesian diaspora in Germany and Eirope, as well as lifestyle in Germany and the intricacies of its language.

Having five years of journalism experience under her belt, Prita’s past experience includes working as a reporter for NET MEDIATAMA and content writer in MRA Media Group. She is passionate in communications, media digital, research, facts and data, and layout design, which brings her to her professional work today.

Outside of her work, Prita has a strong concern in education. She is proud to be one of the judges to curate scientific films for children for the 2022 edition of SFF, themed “Equal Opportunity in Science”.