​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In Malaysia the pre-jury in 2021 consisted of the following members:
Hazni Yati bt Mohd Ghadzi
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Juri - Malaysia: Hazni Yati bt Mohd Ghadzi

Head of Section of Computer & Information, German-Malaysian Institut, Kajang

As a Head of Section of Computer & Information, Yati managed to coordinate large numbers of student final year projects in three different areas of Computer & Information (Network Security, Creative Multimedia and Software Testing). Three of her student's final year projects in the area of Network Security have been awarded as the best final year project in 2011, 2014 and 2016. She is a multidisciplinary teacher who also manages and advises the GMI female futsal club. The team won Gold medals in two female futsal tournaments. Due to her outstanding performance, she has been awarded the MARA Icon Award in 2016. These achievements have boosted her desire to continuously work as an outstanding leader, mentor and teacher.

Lymun Loo
Science Film Festival 2021 - Malaysia - Jury - Lymun Loo

Co-flounder, Ecocentric Transitions

Lymun Loo is the co-founder of Ecocentric Transitions, where he started his environmental sustainability journey and explored life skills that have been overlooked in the pursuit of modern day convenience. Growing up with a passion for nature and the outdoors, he is inspired by natural systems and a plastic free world which brought him to explore sustainability within a community setting through Transitions TTDI and permaculture.  Dabbling in setting up exhibitions over the last seven years, Lymun evolved into the role of  production manager, leading a small team of young photographers and volunteers at the Obscura festival of photography. Having natural tendencies towards precision and bodily kinesthetics, he currently pursues woodworking, photography, personal health and fitness.

Suresh Ramasamy
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Malaysia: Suresh Ramasamy

Science&Chemistry Teacher, SMK Taman Universiti 2, Johor Bahru

Suresh Ramasamy is a Science and Chemistry teacher, currently teaching at SMK Taman Universiti 2 in Johor Bahru. He has 25 years of teaching experience in secondary schools. As a member of the Association of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI) he is involved in their programs to promote science and innovation among children throughout the schools in Malaysia. These programs include the National Science Fair for Young Children, Young Inventors Challenge and Critical and Creative Thinking Camps.

Bhavithra Anathe Segar
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Malaysia: Bhavithra Anathe Segar

German language teacher

Bhavithra is a German Language Teacher at SM Sains Seri Puteri, KL for almost 5 years. Currently pursuing her Masters in Educational Management at University of Malaya. She also believes that every student should learn an extra foreign language which will help them shape a better future. Education is made for all regardless of ages. Bhavithra wants to create a larger German speaking community in the nation. 

Eda Izanie Ahmad Kamil
Eda Izanie Ahmad Kamil

Environmental Education Division, Malaysian Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur

Eda is trained in the field of Bioinformatics. Her passion for the natural environment grew while studying Seagrass Ecology in Sarawak. It is also then, that she realized the importance of Environmental Education to conserve Malaysia's natural heritage. In 2011, she joined the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and directly reports to the Environmental Education Division. Since then, she has been involved in various Environmental Education projects with the Society. Currently, she is managing a number of EE projects involving water conservation, marine conservation as well as plastic waste management. She was also involved in the SEACircular Project when the Ministry of Environment and Water appointed MNS as a CEPA Working Group member.

Narma Abdul Kadir
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Malaysia: Narma Abdul Kadir

President of Malaysian German Teachers' Society

Narma is a German Language Teacher with over 30 years of experience. In 2018, she was awarded the Excellent German Teacher Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand Award for her contributions. Narma believes that to teach any language, it is important to have an extensive understanding of science, humanity, culture and nature. This is so that she will be able to ensure that her students will be able to articulate these complex concepts confidently and fluently. Just like her students, media like movies and short films play an important role in spreading awareness and shaping the world.

Amnani Kadir
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre Jury - Malaysia: Amnani Kadir

Partnerships Director

With a background in business and public relations in Malaysian content and publishing, Amnani began her move towards community engagement when she started volunteering with Women’s Aid Organisation as a Crisis Support Officer for the hotline. She now works to create engaging and impactful partnerships across industries.

Alicia Lee
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre Jury - Malaysia: Alicia Lee

Community Engagement Officer

Alicia Lee is the Community Engagement Officer at Women’s Aid Organisation with a background in psychology. Her journey with women’s rights advocacy began during her undergraduate years, where she explored social science subjects in relation to violence against women. Today, she works on managing partnerships with WAO and engaging with various communities, especially the youth.

Ames Sia
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre Jury - Malaysia: Ames Sia

Digital Content Developer

Ames is an experienced Content Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the civic & social organization industry. Skilled in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and Illustration. He supports #TeamWAO in organizing and executing various campaigns, fundraising and projects.