​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In Thailand the pre-jury in 2021 consisted of the following members:
Dr. Varoth Chotpitayasunondh
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Thailand: Dr. Varoth Chotpitayasunondh

Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health

Dr. Varoth Chotipitayasunondh (Dr. Nat) is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and holding the position of the Spokesperson for the Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health. He works primarily in the care of mental health issues in children and is also responsible for communicating with Thai society about various matters of mental health. Personally, Dr. Nat has always been interested in media and communication, especially in relation to mental health. Therefore, he had received scholarships to study master's and doctoral degrees in Media psychology abroad. After that, he has worked in media and mental health for the Ministry of Public Health and served as a consultant and lecturer in media psychology for a number of agencies. Furthermore, he has co-produced more than 10 mental health advertisements and short films over the past three years.

Natasha Worapornrujee
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Thailand: Natasha Worapornrujee

Science Center for Education (Bangkok Planetarium)

A Fine Art graduate from Goldsmiths University of London (United Kingdom) in 2017. She later started her career in Thailand as a cultural officer at the Ministry of Culture, where she gained experience in managing an art space and coordinating art and cultural projects at Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center in Bangkok. Natasha is currently pursuing a distance learning master's degree in the UK and working as an educator at Science Center for Education (Bangkok Planetarium), where she represented as the main project coordinator for the Science Film Festival in 2020.

Waree Auswakiatruksa
Science FIlm Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Thailand: Waree Auswakiatruksa

Science Communicator
Division of Science Communication and Public Engagement National Center for Public Awareness of Science National Science Museum (Thailand)

Waree Auswakiatruksa graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University. She has worked in various fields of science. In the meantime, she saw that if people can apply their specialized knowledge in a scientific way, it could improve their quality of life and also help with their career. Therefore she decided to switch her study field until she graduated with a master's degree from the Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University. Then, she has been working as a science communicator at the National Science Museum since 2001 to assist in various forms of science communication such as exhibitions, activities, works, as well as various media works such as radio programs and Youtube channel of the NSM.

Surasak Suksiri
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Thailand: Surasak Suksiri

Information Officer
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

Surasak Suksiri graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Faculty of Political Science, Ramkhamhaeng University. He currently works in the Department of Media and Product Creation (MPC), Product Creation (PCS), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Surasak has a passion for music, sports and movies. He was delighted to be honored as part of Science Film Festival, the activity that promotes scientific learning through films to give young people the opportunity to enter the fantasy world of learning, so that they can grow as young scientists.

Wachiraporn Khwakhong
Science Film Festival 2021 - Thailand - Jury - Wachiraporn Khwakhong

Film Program Coordinator
Thai Film Archive

Wachiraporn Khwakhong graduated from Silpakorn University with a master's degree in Educational Technology. Currently, she is holding a position at Thai Film Archive as a Film Program Coordinator who is responsible for the selection and screening of youth films for students from elementary school level until high school. Her responsibility includes the dissemination of film knowledge. Wachiraporn has been participating in the Science Film Festival since 2015. She feels challenged with new topics every year since they open up a view of science beyond textbooks by using movies for young learners, so that they understand a wide variety of scientific issues.

The Discovery Centre
SFF International Jury 2021: The Discovery Centre

Hands-on Science Education Team

The Discovery Centre in Kenya has a highly motivated science team with a keen appreciation for science communication. The Nairobi-based center has experience in dispensing and inculcating science concepts to students in the GCSE, CBC, and 8-4-4 curriculums and prides itself in the ability to convey concepts clearly and thus build trust and motivation with their partners. This cultivates a fun and positive learning environment in which students can realize their maximum capabilities. The Discovery Centre is committed to enhancing the learning of STEM subjects by simplifying them, using experiential methods, and making learning fun and interactive. The center offers a STEM Curriculum to both schools and individual clients in Primary and Secondary levels of education.