Dragonflies are the sentinels of the Earth. Being among the oldest creatures on our planet, they have lived in harmony with the indigenous plants and animals of Earth’s bountiful landscapes for 300 million years. We came, we conquered and we evicted them from their habitats. Now, after millennia of human recklessness, we are turning back to nature’s messenger, the dragonfly, for promise of a new way forward. South Africa’s scientists and industries are working to bring them back into our world through a creative system of connected corridors, known as Ecological Networks. The Water Dancers, a name from the Zulu Jigamanzi, “dancing on water,” invites you into the precious world of the small things to discover how their sensitive nature can help us design a passage into the future.

  • Các thể loại Khoa học tự nhiên, Khoa học đời sống & Công nghệ

  • Đạo diễn Robyn Palmer
  • Sản xuất bởi Daniel Ndevu
  • Trong thời gian 25:00 Nhiều phút
  • Quốc gia Nam Phi
  • Năm 2018

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