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Florencia Curci

Florencia Curci


Florencia Curci is from Buenos Aires and works as a sound and radio artist, performer, curator and cultural manager. She studied Expanded Music at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Argentina. Since 2017, she has been the director of the CASo Sound Art Center (Centro de Arte Sonoro), an institution of the Argentine Ministry of Culture that promotes artistic research on sound, radio art, experimental music and listening studies. Her work was commissioned by KunstRadio, AMEE, CA2M (Madrid), Centro Cultural Kirchner (Arg) and her live performances were presented in Festival Aural (MX), MediaLab Prado (Madrid), Tsonami Sound Art Festival (Chile), among others.

In 2022, she completed the Radio Art Residency at Bauhaus University Weimar and produced at WaveFarm, an American institution dedicated to radio art. In March 2023 she was the curatorial director of the Bauhaus.Listening.Workshop in Montevideo as part of the project "Listening to the world - 100 years of radio".

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