The philosopher and Indigenous leader Ailton Krenak orders humankind to go on a ten-year diet.

Writing Contest The Diversity Within Us

The Zeitgeister editorial team asked: What is a diverse society? The answers reached us from all over the world – from Greece to Lebanon, from Peru to India. We present four particularly impressive contributions. For the section of paintings, we'd like to present Hanin El Husseins work about the diversity inside everyone of us. 

Illustration: © Tobias Schrank Illustration: © Tobias Schrank Paintings for Zeitgeister

In Focus: Who Is in the Club?

A Break from the World

Safe(r) Spaces: Many marginalised groups urgently need safe places where they can protect themselves from discrimination and communicate amongst themselves. The term is increasingly entering the discourse because spaces are never completely safe - we can only make them safer.

People in a waiting room

More on the Focus Theme

Intersectional Feminism A Community Garden

Diversity is not easy, but beautiful in many ways. The path towards equality mustn’t be a maze, but a community garden. In her essay, Dr. Michaela Dudley shows that the women’s movement can only hope for lasting progress if we understand it as intersectional. 

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A statue of Sojourner Truth in New York’s Central Park
 A statue of Sojourner Truth in New York’s Central Park

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