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Of Goblins, Foxes and Madonnas – A Graffiti Walk through Leipzig

Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz: Construction site with graffiti, Photo: © Norman Posselt

In the past twenty years, a very lively, artistically ambitious and versatile graffiti scene has developed in Leipzig, which has long ceased to move only in illegal terrain.

The unclear ownership titles after the fall of the Berlin Wall afforded Leipzig graffiti artists of the 1990s many easily accessible opportunities: walls and façades of abandoned industrial plants, factories and gigantic prefabricated housing estates became the canvases for writings, murals and roll ons. Graffiti hotspots crystallized in parts of Leipzig’s southern suburbs and the Connewitz district, both centres of left-alternative subcultures and youth cultures.

The Leipzig scene moves between commissioned work and unauthorized spraying, writing and tagging. While graffiti crews such as the Radicals and ORG still cause a public stir with their “bombing battles”, many other Street Art artists now romp in art galleries or paint allotted areas.

The ten stops

Construction site on the Wilhelm Leuschner Square Madonna and Child
Feinkost Leipzig eG Under Water
Grey to Colour Goblin
Hell Yeah Werk 2, Culture Factory Leipzig e. V.
Graffiti in the Park Conne Island
Annegret Wawrzetzka
spent her childhood and youth in the countryside of Saxony before she went to university in Leipzig. After taking her Master’s degree in sociology, communication studies and American studies, she specialized in the area of modern Southeast Asian studies. She is a freelance writer and consultant for educational work in development policy.

Translation: Jonathan Uhlaner
Copyright: Goethe-Institut e. V., Internet-Redaktion
August 2013

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