Politics and Contemporary History in Germany – Background

Federal Chancellery: Entry mit the sculpture 'Berlin' by Eduardo Chillida; Copyright: BPA/Andrea Bienert

Political culture in Germany

Political culture is used to refer to the “soft” factors in politics: political beliefs, attitudes and values characteristic of a society.What are the characteristics of the political culture in Germany?More ...
Berlin Wall: Graffitti of Brezhnev and Honnecker; © masterric3000 – Fotolia.com

The Overcoming of “Socialism” in Moscow and Berlin – Two “Brother Nations” on Separate Paths

With his policy of “perestroika”, Michael Gorbachev wanted to renew socialism in the Soviet Union.More ...
Holocaust Memorial in Berlin; © ZaVier

“Coming to Terms” with the Nazi Past

“Coming to terms” with the past: all legal, scholarly and public and private efforts to treat the National Socialist regime of terror and its crimes.More ...
Old German Democratic Republic Sign; © iStockphoto

Coming to Terms with the Former East-German Dictatorship

The efforts that have been made to critically examine and reappraise the communist system in the former GDR started 1989/90 and have lasted right up to the present day.More ...

Illusion of Nearness?

Future Prospects for the European Neighbourhood: Dossier and Conference of the Goethe-Institut


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