Civil Society and Democratic Culture in Germany

Sharia in western democracies – two interviews

To what extent is the application of Islamic Sharia laws compatible with the legal systems of western constitutional states? And how are the interpretive framework of Islamic sources and efforts at reform of Islamic law developing? In two interviews, political scientist Manfred Brocker and Mouhanad Khorchide, professor of Islamic religious education, discuss Sharia and its application in western democracies.

Professor Manfred Brocker; Foto: privat Mouhanad Khorchide; Foto: Peter Grewer, © Ernst-Klett-Verlag
Sharia Courts in Western
   Democracies? – An Interview
   with Manfred Brocker
Towards a Contemporary
   Interpretation of Islam – An
   Interview with the Theologian,
   Mouhanad Khorchide

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