Mapping Democracy - Event Series on the Prospects of Democracy

The four-part event series “Mapping Democracy” focuses on the prospects and viability of democracy in the future, as the current image of democracy is an ambivalent one: while people in autocratic countries view it as a promise of economic and social upswing and participation in political decision-making, global problems and declining voter legitimation and support underscore the dwindling power of elected national governments. This raises questions about new forms of democratic participation and utopias for an unwritten future. More...
    In the event series Mapping Democracy, authors, activists, philosophers, film directors and other intellectuals from Germany and eight other countries will enter into conversation with each other about democracy.

    You will find portraits and additional information on the events’ speakers and moderators here.
    Ute Schaeffer
    Paul Nolte
    Adam Nadasdy
    Eszter Babarczy
    Mikhail Gelfand
    Oleg Nikiforov
    Mikhail Kaluzhsky