Christoph Bieber, political scientist

Christoph Bieber Source: University Duisburg EssenChristoph Bieber Quelle: Universität Duisburg Essen

“WikiLeaks revelations, plagiarism matters, privacy in social networks or the radical transparency requirements of the Pirate Party are simply harbingers of heated political debates about the social value of transparency.”

Christoph Bieber, born in 1970, is a politics expert, blogger and author. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the theme of “Computer-based communication and political publicity – political projects on the internet”. He has held the Johann-Wilhelm-Welker endowed chair for Ethics in Political Management and Society at the University of Duisburg-Essen’s NRW School of Governance since 2011.

His research focuses on ethical questions in the political decision-making process, ethics management and media democracy. He is also interested in responsibility, trust, publicity and society.

As an academic and blogger, Bieber deals with the effects of the new media on political and social processes. His publications include articles about online election campaigns, the future of media democracy and interactivity, media productions and politics on social networks.

Bieber has his own blog called Internet und Politik. He is also a member of the editorial board of the magazine politik & kommunikation, as well as a founding board member of pol-di.net e. V., the umbrella organisation for the politik-digital information and communication platform, which is not affiliated to any party.

Publications and statements on the subject

"Von der Computer-Demokratie zur Liquid Democracy. Zur Modernisierung politischer Beteiligung im Kontext technologischer Entwicklung". ("From computer democracy to liquid democracy. On the modernisation of political involvement in the context of technological development".) In: Mai, Manfred (ed.): Handbuch Innovationen (Handbook of innovations). Wiesbaden (published 2013)

politik digital. Online zum Wähler (Online to the voter). Salzhemmersdorf 2010

(with Claus Leggewie): Unter Piraten. Erkundungen einer neuen politischen Arena. (Amongst pirates. Exploration of a new political arena.) Bielefeld 2012

"Was ist der Ort des Politischen?" Online-Kommentar zur Konferenz "50 Jahre Deutschlandfunk" ("Where does politics belong?" Online commentary on the “50 years of German radio” conference) In: Internet und Politik, 6.1.2012

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