Cancún 2010

UN Climate Conference in Cancún, 2010

Copyright: UN Photo, Paulo FilgueirasThe 16th United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place in Cancún, Mexico, from November 29 - December 10 2010. One year after the conference in Copenhagen, representatives of member states will meet again to jointly discover solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.

Copyright: UN Photo, Eskinder DebebeAside from reflection on climate change in art and the cultural sciences, sustainable and ecological urban development is a central focus of the Goethe-Institut’s approach to this issue. Goethe-Institut projects around the world are linking up to address this issue.

Thus, regional Goethe-Instituts will also accompany the coming UN Climate Conference be supported with events: from November 24-26 2010, the Goethe-Institut Mexico is organising the international symposium “Greener Cities – A Citizens’ Vision.” The central issue will be the significance of citizen participation in urban redevelopment, and what measures can be implemented to strengthen civic initiative.

Copyright: UN Photo, Mark GartenSupported by the Goethe-Institut, three films from the film series “Climate.Culture.Change” can be seen in seven film theatres in Mexico city from November 9 – December 8.

The Goethe-Institut will accompany the Cancún climate conference on this platform with articles and interviews.
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November 2010
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