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Dr. Gururaj K.V

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

„Economy is driving today's environment and ecology of the planet. Parents of the 'young minds' are forcing them to opt for money driven/oriented courses. My concern is despite opting for such courses, one should not forget the issues pertaining their own surrounding environment and ecology and keeping it healthy and clean. I believe 'Greening with Goethe 2012' will provide that intellectual space for the young minds to understand and appreciate natural world and seek their contributions towards a better livable world."
Dr. Gururaj K.V about „Greening with Goethe“

Bio- data

Birds have always fascinated me! Sundays during my high schools were meant for birding around Shimoga city on my father’s bicycle. Thanks to my brother for his patient riding that provided ample opportunity to have a look at birds. This initial exposure had deep impact in my mind and strange affection towards ecological sciences.

I took Zoology, Botany and Chemistry for my graduation and Environmental Sciences for masters. I was offered to work on birds of my University campus for master’s dissertation, which I turned down, as I had already made a list. This led to my first hop with the frogs!! Thanks to my guide, who introduced me to a whole new world of amphibians. So I landed up doing my Masters’ dissertation on the habitat characters of Wrinkled frog Nyctibatrachus cf. major.

This little stint with wrinkled frog made me to look further and to expand my horizon in the field of Batrachology. I hopped in finding the effect of habitat fragmentation on distribution and ecology of anuran amphibians in central Western Ghats for doctoral studies. For next couple of years, field and lab were my first home and frogs my best relatives. I traveled extensively in the Kudremukh, Bhadra and Kuppali forest ranges of Western Ghats, be it in hot summer or down pouring of the monsoon. This exhaustive exercise yielded in the discovery of a new wrinkled frog Nyctibatrachus karnatakaensis.

Even after Ph.D., I was in constant search for some thing more and beyond mere academic rituals! What better place than Indian Institute of Science for this? I did my postdoctoral studies on cumulative impact assessment in a heavily dammed river basin and also on ecological modelling using amphibians, fish and primates. Pictorial guide to frogs and toads of the Western Ghats is contribution towards citizen science.

After a very long postdoctoral experience from CES, I joined Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning as a Research Scientist in September 2009. In this centre, I am looking at Urban Ecology and Planning issues.
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