Towards a better tomorrow

A pop-up installation with the objective to make people aware of some alarming effects of climate change, pollution and consumption on the city. A project executed by EUNIC New-Delhi and Kolkata and funded by EUNIC (European National Institutes for Culture) Global, Brussels. 

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Learn German Expertise puts you on the path to success

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The Goethe-Institut brings the German language to the world. We offer German language courses and exams in over 90 countries.

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German Training Online

Learn German at your convenience –
Our uncomplicated online training tool for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

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Current Projects What moves us

Film Screenings
Friday Film

Friday Films are the monthly screenings of German films at the Goethe-Instiute / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata. One film is screened every third Friday of the Month from 6.30 pm in the audirtorium of the Goethe-Institut. All films are in German language with English subtitles.

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Repair Café

The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata, inspired by the anstiftung Foundation, will set up the first Repair Café in Kolkata once a month in the premises of the library of the Goethe-Institut Kolkata.

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Conversations in German
Stammtisch Kolkata!

Does the German language and culture interest you? Do you want to improve your knowledge of German outside the classroom? Then come to our Stammtisch.

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Teaching German

The Goethe-Institut is the world's leading provider of German teacher training. We provide up-to-date materials and interactive offers for your lessons.

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Library Multifaceted. Open for all

You will find a selection of media in German language and in translation in the Goethe-Institut Kolkata library: books, magazines, films, music, apps and games. Find out more about current topics and trends, and get to know Germany.

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Film Archive

The Goethe-Institut film catalogue comprises over 600 culturally relevant feature and documentary films available for research and loan. 

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About us Cultural cooperation

We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation.

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