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Multilingualism and Identity

Spring 2006
Dakar, Senegal

A one-day seminar entitled "Le pouvoir de la langue - sur la position actuelle des langues nationales au Sénégal" was held on 16 April 2006 with Senegalese linguists and one German colleague.

Article on "the power of language - Example Senegal" in the magazine: eins entwicklungspolitik - "Sprachenpolitik - Sprachenvielfalt"

The lectures of April 16, 2006:

"Reflections on linguistic policy in Senegal: historical and cultural obstacles, and some possible solutions “ by Mamadou Ndiaye

Disketten-SymbolLecture in German (pdf, 44 KB)

Disketten-SymbolLecture in English (pdf, 34 KB)

Disketten-SymbolLecture in French (Original)  (pdf, 34)

"The role of national languages in Senegal’s educational system“ by Prof. Souleymane Faye

Disketten-SymbolLecture in German (pdf, 46 KB)

Disketten-SymbolLecture in English (pdf, 31 KB)

Disketten-SymbolLecture in French (Original) (pdf, 31 KB)

"Senegalese languages and French in the urban context" by Ndiasse Thiam

Disketten-SymbolLecture in German (pdf, 33 KB)

Disketten-SymbolLecture in Englisch (pdf, 25 KB)

Disketten-SymbolLecture in French (Orgiginal) (pdf, 62)

„L'instauration des langues nationales en Europe" von Ekkhard Eggs

Download SymbolLecture in French (Original) (pdf, 75 KB)

Download SymbolLecture in German (pdf, 108 KB)

    Publication on "The Power of Language"

    A multimedia publication reflects the role of language in a globalised world.

    Online-Publikationen zu „Die Macht der Sprache“

    ergänzend zu der im Langenscheidt Verlag erschienenen Buchpublikation „Die Macht der Sprache“.