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Wizzy is a Syrian singer-songwriter, performer, and mentor for Queer Syria and the Dandanah event series in Berlin where he has been living as a refugee for four years. Queer art and music are his passion; in contrast to conservative and dark agendas, they blossom into the most colourful and glamorous forms possible

Wizzy © Wizzy Wizzy: "Light of My Eyes came to life while I was struggling to secure my own existence. I wrote this song on my way from Syria to Germany, expressing all of the pain, passion, and love I felt in lyrics and a melody from my heart, at a time when I was afraid of death but also looking forward to a brighter future.  This ballad, which though a pop song is nonetheless melancholic, transports you to the boat I sailed on and that later brought me to a safer place - Berlin. It is hard to put into words what I went through as a refugee, and am still going through, in a land with precious new friends - big love to drag performance collective Queer Syria and to Dandanah – and the everyday challenges to face as well. One of these chance encounters was with my asylum caseworker Salma Arzouni. She understood my passion for music and need to express my creativity as part of my process to find my place in Germany, and she introduced me to multi-instrumentalist and producer RENU, who helped me bring this song to life. I couldn't imagine a better time to release my song, as I finally feel that I belong somewhere. I am grateful and excited to be starting a new life as a singer and songwriter, in Berlin, always with my Syrian friends and family in my heart and on my mind."
WIZZY Xcx, aka Wessam

Light of My Eyes, ضوعيوني

A song by Wizzy, released in 2020 on Holykuti Records Guitar, piano, production: RENU, bass: Wallis Bird, strings: Monika Berstis

صدفة جمعتني معك
وبلحظة صرت الدني
بيوجعني اللي بيوجعك
وعفراقك يومي سنة

حتى بغيابك ياحبيبي
بتحدا الدني, أنت حبيبي
وبنطر تشوفك وتحكيني
راسي عصدرك وأسمعك

على أسمك أنت سموني
وبلون عيونك شافوني
شو بتسوا الدني من دونك
أنت عمري وضو عيوني

من يوم الشفتك ياحبيبي
عمري انكتبلك, أنت نصيبي
غمرني عمهلك غفيني
نغمة غرامك خليني
أنسا هالدني, وعيني
ببوسة ع خدي وهنيني
لون أيامي وسنيني
وعلى أسمك أنت سميني

A coincidence brought us together
And in a moment you became the world
Whatever hurts you hurts me
And a day without you feels like a year

Even in your absence, my lover
I challenge the world; you are my love 
I wait to see you and talk to you
My head on your chest while listening to your voice

They called me after you
And they saw me in the colour of your eyes
This world means nothing without you
You are this life and the light of my eyes 

Since the day we met, baby
I gave you my everything; you're my share
Hug me slowly, tightly till I fall asleep
Let me be your love song

Forget about the world and wake me up
With a kiss on my cheek, let me feel the happiness 
Give my days and years some colour 
And call me after you