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Curated film program
Next Stop: Germany

Summer means travelling. Due to the special circumstances this year, we invite you to explore Germany through the movies. In cooperation with Cinema Akil, Dubai, we are showing a series of film classics from September 4 to October 1, 2020, which deal with the topic of “travel” in very different ways.

We open the film month with KINGS OF THE ROAD (1976) by Wim Wenders. The film was the third part of his road movie trilogy after ALICE IN THE CITIES (1974) and THE WRONG MOVE (1975) and won the FIPRESCI Award and the Golden Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival in Cannes in 1976.

Fatih Akin's film adaptation GOODBYE BERLIN of the cult novel “Tschick” (2016) by Wolfgang Herrndorfer is about the two boys Maik and Tschick, who travel across East Germany in a stolen Lada from Berlin in search of Wallachia - a fresh, youthful perspective on the traditional road movie genre.

With MEASURING THE WORLD (2015) by Detlev Buck, we are showing another film adaptation based on the book of the same name by Daniel Kehlmann and telling the fascinating (fictional) story of the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and the natural scientist and polymath Alexander von Humboldt.

In the experimental film TICKET OF NO RETURN (1979) by Ulrike Ottinger, we accompany a rich and sophisticated woman, “Sie”, who moves to Berlin to give herself completely up to alcoholism. The film made Tabea Blumenschein famous in Germany in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Im Lauf der Zeit DW

Feature Film
Kings of the Road

Wim Wenders’ romantic-laconic road movie “Kings of the Road” focuses on the relationship between two men - movie projector repairman Bruno and suicidal Robert - as they travel in a truck on the dusty roads along the border between East and West Germany. A declaration of love to longing and doubt.

Biopic, Drama
Measuring the world

Not all travel is benign. Such are the expeditions of 19th century German scientists Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Friedrich Gauss on their trips around the world based on Daniel Kehlmann's best-selling novel of the same name. Cloaked in a veil of curiosity is an escapade of exploitation of the lands they seek to “discover” worlds and cultures unknown to them.

Tschik © Lago Film

Comedy, Literature
Goodbye Berlin

The film tells the story of Maik and Tschick, who drive in a stolen Lada from Berlin across the east of Germany, in search of Wallachia. Soon a deep friendship develops between the two opposing teenagers.

Filmstill Ticket of No Return, 1979 © Ulrike Ottinger

Experimental, Drama
Ticket of No Return

She, a woman of exquisite beauty, of classical dignity and harmonious Raphaelesque proportions, a woman, created like no other to be Medea, Madonna, Beatrice, Iphigenia, Aspasia, decided one sunny winter day to leave La Rotonda ... She purchased a ticket of no return to Berlin-Tegel. She wanted to forget her past, or rather to abandon it like a condemned house. She wanted to concentrate all her energies on one thing, something all her own. To follow her own destiny at last was her only desire. Berlin, a city in which she was a complete stranger, seemed just the place to indulge her passion undisturbed. Ulrike Ottinger was awarded the Berlinale Camara award at the 70th Berlin Film Festival.