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SCHLiNGEL is an international film festival for children and young audiences, founded in 1996 in Chemnitz, Germany. Annually, the festival gives an overview of the latest international productions in the area of children and youth films. The high quality of the films represented is guaranteed by international professional juries, FIPRESCI among them. SCHLiNGEL is organized by the Saechsischer Kinder und Jugendfilmdienst e. V. (Saxon Children and Youth Films Association in Chemnitz) in Chemnitz with the support of the Saechsische Landesanstalt fuer privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (Saxon Institution for Private Broadcasting and New Media). Patron of the Festival is the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony.

The festival has been internationally active for years, presenting and curating German productions in multiple children and youth festivals worldwide, e.g. the International Children's and Youth Film Festival SMILE in New Delhi, the Montreal International Children's Film Festival FIFEM, the Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children in Egypt or Shum Bola Children's and Youth Film Festival Tashkent in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Uzbekistan.

For the 1st time the festival is coming to the UAE. Organized by the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region in cooperation with The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, German children and youth films and a program of short films will be presented to the young audiences of Abu Dhabi. The festival will take place from June 6 to 8 at the Arts Center at NYUAD.


Into the beat


June 6 @ 5:30pm
The Arts Center at NYUAD, @The Black Box

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Director Stefan Westerwelle
Germany, 2020, 90 min, from 14 years
In German language with Englisch subtitles 


Katya Orlow grows up in a famous ballet family. She has every chance of following in the footsteps of her late mother and her father Victor, who is still celebrated as a brilliant dancer. She is training very hard to apply to the prestigious New York Ballet Academy. But then an accident happens: Victor injures himself so badly on stage that he has to end his career. Back from hospital, Katya is now his only hope of carrying on the family tradition. He therefore concentrates completely on his daughter‘s audition. Meanwhile, Katya has met a group of street dancers and is fascinated by their acrobatic moves. From now on, she rehearses the leading part for the ballet „Sleeping Beauty“ in the mornings and in the afternoon she dances together with the gifted hip-hop dancer Marlon. But when Marlon has the wish that they could perform with the famous „Sonic Tigers“, Katya finds herself in a huge conflict.





Jun 6 @ 12pm
Jun 7 @ 11:30am
Jun 8 @ 5pm, 2024
The Arts Center at NYUAD, @The Black Box

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Director Stefan Westerwelle
Germany, 2023, 90 min, from 10 years
In German language with Englisch subtitles


After the break-up of his parents, ten-year-old Finn shuttles back and forth between his father Volkan in Neustrelitz and his mother in Berlin. It is pretty chaotic, especially as his father has his hands full at his new catering company. That is why the planned paddling trip has to be cancelled and Finn has to go back to his mother. But that‘s not all: Finn‘s backpack, including his mobile phone, money and ticket, is stolen. It could only have been the pushy man from his compartment but the train conductor does not believe Finn and hands him over to the police. On the drive to the station, the police car is hit by a Polish delivery van. While the police and driver are negotiating, twelve-year-old Jola suddenly appears in front of Finn. Jola is supposed to spend the holidays with her annoying grandmother in Poland. She does not feel like it at all, so she persuades Finn to go to the sea with her, but first the thief from the train has to be caught.





Jun 6 @ 9:30am
Jun 7 @ 5:30pm
Jun 8 @ 2pm
The Arts Center at NYUAD, @The Black Box

Link for registration

Director Marc Rothemund
Germany, 2023, 109 min, from 9 years
In German language with Englisch subtitles


Mirco travels a lot for work, while his wife Fatime organises their demanding family life. Their year-old son Jason is autistic and his everyday life consists of daily routines and fixed rules. When the family is advised to send Jason to a special school, Mirco is also challenged as a father. He makes a pact with his son: Jason promises to do his best at school if Mirco helps him find a favourite football club. However, Jason doesn‘t want to decide on a club until he has seen all 56 teams in the first, second and third German leagues live in their respective stadiums. He has very individual criteria - from mascots, sustainability and players‘ rituals to the colours of the football boots. On their extraordinary journeys through Germany, father and son leave their home routines behind and find everything they were never looking for but definitely needed.

Short Films


Short Film Program

Jun 7 @ 9:30am
Jun 8 @ 11am
The Arts Center at NYUAD, @The Black Box

Link for registration

11 films, 58 min
Age 4-10 years, without language

Little Karl and the Elephants – Friedrich Kießling – 8 min
Night Moves – Falk Schuster – 4 min
Master Painter Bah Bizons’ Balloon Ride – Uli Seis – 2 min
Red – Chen Yang – 7 min
Wombo – Daniel Acht – 8 min
Fox for Edgar – Pauline Kortmann – 8 min
Avant Card – Stella Raith – 5 min
spin cycle – Gurli Bachmann – 7 min
Family Bonds – Maria Schmidt – 7 min
Looks – Susann Hoffmann – 3 min
Cat Lake City – Antje Heyn – 7min