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  • learn flexibly
  • work interactively in a group
  • support from your teacher

Flexible learning with a group atmosphere

Would you like to decide how and when you learn German?

Would you like to exchange ideas with a group? Your teacher will support you with individual and group assignments. Read, write, listen and speak German!

We will send you a free placement test approximately 4 weeks before the course starts. Depending on your result, you will be placed in the appropriate German online group course for you (A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1).

  • Level
    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

  • Start

  • Duration
    9-12 weeks

  • Hours per week
    4-8 individual learning and 1 online live session (1.5 hours) every other week

  • Participants
    max. 16

  • Access to learning platform
    6 months

  • Price
    150.000 – 200.000 FCFA

Group and learner with notebook

How the course works

Learning platform
Your Deutsch Online group course is divided into different chapters dedicated to everyday and topical themes, and also teaches you the appropriate vocabulary and grammar. You learn with a variety of online exercises, for instance with videos, pictures, audio, reading passages and fill-the-gap exercises, both independently and as a group. We provide you with downloadable overviews covering the different themes in the online German course.

Support from the teacher
Longer written tasks can be submitted to your teacher by email, and they will be returned corrected and with detailed feedback. If you have any questions, you can chat to other members of your Deutsch Online learning group, or email your teacher.

Online teaching in live sessions
Meet your teacher and the other participants in your virtual classroom over a series of sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to work specifically on your spoken German.

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