Grants and scholarships

Förderungen ©Marvin Menkouo

The Goethe-Institut supports institutions and associations in their activities related to German. These range from mini projects to seminars and fora. The condition to be fulfilled is to submit a request to us at least one month before the day of. The request must provide the following information:

  • Name and contact of the institution
  • Name and contact of the project manager
  • Name of teachers in service in the institution
  • The Number  of German learners or students
  • The type of support requested
  • A confimation letter from the management


German language teachers and students who want to carry out small projects within the context of a German language class can apply for funding amounting to CFAF 60,000. 

Seminar at University and HTTC

German language lecturers and university students, as well as students studying German at the HTTC can apply for a grant for various activities.

Fora and Fairs

German teachers’ associations can request support for their planned fora and fairs. 

Material Support

If your school has a library or room dedicated to German language gatherings, you can send us a request for material support (Course books, etc.)