German journalist and author Martin Schäuble meets Hong Kong based lawyer and academic Malavika Jayaram for a conversation about the future of writing and authorship in the digital age. [more ...]

Our digital future – How do we want to live? Discussion series

March 11, 2017, 3-6p.m. Goethe-Institut Beijing, China
In the fourth event within our series on digitalization the Goethe Institut Beijing will invite speakers on the subject of artificial intelligence and how it might change our lives.[more ...]

The 3rd ISAT Digital Art Festival

14.-20. November 2016 Tainan City, Taiwan
Art and science, commonly seen as two different parallel disciplines, are gradually emerging into one world and possibilities. In 1959, Snow described science and humanities as ‘The Two Cultures’, and this has prompted many disputes and much debate about whether there is a significant gap between art and science. In 1987, theoretical physicist David Bohm also highlighted the importance of creativity and communication in science and humanities. [more ...]

Network of European and Chinese Civil Society Panel discussion

November 6, 2016, 3-6p.m. Goethe-Institut Beijing, China
China has risen to become a global force. Also its advancements in the domain of technology are being eyed at with suspicion by the West. [more ...]

Digital Agenda Screening and Discussion

25th September 2016 Beijung, China
From the series "Digital Transition"
With Christian von Borries, conductor, musician, composer, producer, film-maker and Wang Hui, Professor at the Tsinghua University Beijing, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Focus on Contemporary Chinese Literature. [more ...]

DADA DATA Symposium

07.09.2016, 7pm to 9pm Tokyo, Japan
DADA-DATA is a digital project by Anita Hugi and David Dufresne, accompanied by a variety of DADA_hacktions. The Webdok provides an introduction to the topic of DADA and DATA, creates an interactive journey of discovery. The actions range from Tweet-poetry, a DADA blog and manifesto to a collection of different DADA works. The project was implemented by the designers of Akufen Studios, Bruno Chionère and Christian Lebel and produced by SRG SSR and ARTE. [more ...]

Farewell from the human being Symposium

May 20, 2016 Seoul, Korea
Can robots feel? Do they have a soul? Are we allowed to “hurt” them - or what happens when people suffer damage through a robot? Who is responsible and can be held responsible if necessary? The jointly organized by the Goethe Institut and ADeKo symposium focuses on the topic robotics – from Intelligent Robotics, Nano-Robotics and Medical Robotics and the difference between natural and artificial intelligence. [more ...]

Wikitopia 2016 Mini-Festival

13.-15. Mai 2016 Hongkong, China
Surveillance and privacy in post-Snowden era – A three day mini festival of Goethe-Institut Hongkong, in cooperation with Videotage
The main objective of Wikitopia 2016 is to raise the awareness of the perception of the public about the existing monitoring schemes and questions about privacy through a series of keynote speeches, discussions, city surveillance tours, workshops and films. [more ...]

Playing with the Future Symposium + Hackathon

02.-04. Mai 2016 Seoul, Korea
In the digital age, the value of many companies depends more on the number of its users than on material goods that they produce, the more clicks and the more "likes", the higher the value of a company.
What are the effects of this phenomenon on the individual consumers, players and "clicker"? How did value and increasing the market value of products and companies change in the digital age? These issues will be discussed with thinkers from Korea, France and Germany. The results and findings of the symposium are then the starting point for an also tri-lateral Hackathon [more ...]
From 2015 to 2016, the Goethe-Institute China is organizing a discussion series on "Digital Change". Through several events the mutual understanding of the fundamental changes, similarities, as well as differences of digitalisation between China, Europe, the US and the neighbouring East Asian countries are described an discussed. [more ...]

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