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Moving Silence

A Konzert by Moving Silence
Photo: Achilleas Kentonis

10 Year Anniversary

ARTos House

Following the great success of Moving Silence in Cyprus for the past nine years at ARTos, Moving Silence takes place for the tenth consecutive year in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Cyprus. On Sunday, 1 November 2020 at 20:30 at ARTos, musicians and composers will meet to perform live soundtracks for silent video and film works by contemporary creators of their choice.  The audience will have a unique experience where the musicians and composers perform live their music while the films/videos that have inspired them are simultaneously screened.

This year, Moving Silence collaborates with the Freiraum Festival and will be streamed live through the Freiraum Festival, where audiences around the world will have the opportunity to connect and enjoy the event live.

Moving Silence was originally founded in the summer of 2009 by the musician Marco Brosolo, filmmaker Matthias Fritsch and producer Federico Bassetti with the aim to create events that connect the roots of cinematography with the present aesthetics of image, the live music production and the potential of new technology. "Any visual style can profit from a sound language, by using advanced digital technologies as well as old analogue techniques. Live performances sustain and amplify the films as musicians can breathe new life into silent cinema, which inappropriately remained silent for such a long time."

The Freiraum Festival is a collaborative, decentralised democratised festival taking place simultaneously in the physical and the digital worlds. With more than 20 local events around Europe, more than 30 speakers and contributors and more than ten art works especially produced for the online format, the Festival format does not only respond to the new pandemic reality, but to the crucial questions of our time.

Participating musicians

Alexia Vassilliou, Andreas Moustoukis, Tassos Stylianou, Nektarios Rodosthenous, Stephanie Alexi, Achilleas Kentonis, Simos Tziakouris, Ariadne Papantoniou, Mari Derderyan, Spyros Charalambous, George Savva, Erato Moustouki, Haris Sophocleous

Participating Film Directors

Ruben Seca, Daniel Levi, Matthias Fritsch, Nikki Schuster, Wojtek Skowron, Florian Groll

Organised by ARTos Foundation and Moving Silence
With the support of  the Goethe-Institut Cyprus and the Freiraum Festival


ARTos House

Agion Omologiton 64

Language: English
Price: Admission free

+357 22 674606 kultur-nikosia@goethe.de
Part of series Weeks of the German Language

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