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GTFO women and gaming

GTFO women and gaming, Screenshot
© Shannon Sun-Higginson

Games and Politics

Goethe-Institut Nicosia

2015 | 76 minutes | English
Starring: Anita Sarkeesian, Leigh Alexander, Brenda Romero, Robin Hunicke und Rhianna Pratchett

Sun-Higginson, a documentary filmmaker from New York City, began work on GTFO in early 2012 and ultimately funded it as a Kickstarter project. She was initially inspired to create the film after watching a clip from live-stream gaming competition Cross Assault in which a player repeatedly sexually harassed his teammate. Sun-Higginson then "decided to take a step back and explore what it means to be a woman in gaming in general, both the positive and the negative."

The movie compiles interviews from gamers, developers, journalists to show how pervasive sexist behavior is in the gaming world.


Goethe-Institut Nicosia

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Language: English Subtitles
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