“Lavapiés resiste” Foto: Daniel Tornero Rojo © Goethe-Institut Madrid

Südwesteuropa in Bildern
Schöne Aussichten

Wie sieht das urbane Leben aus? Wie ticken unsere Städte? Eindrücke aus Portugal, Spanien, Frankreich, Belgien, Italien und Deutschland. Hier nun Folge vier Street-Art.

Deutschland #nofilter © Omar Sotillo Franco/Unsplash, edited by Goethe-Institut

On the road in Germany

What’ll I cook when the fridge is empty at the end of the month? How will I save the world in the process? And how will I survive University? At goethe.de/nofilter you can find tips, curiosities and funny stories about living in Germany.

Paula Rosolen: “Aerobics” Paula Rosolen: “Aerobics”

Dance, Migration, Cultural Exchange

Dance is movement – and movement over borders also shapes dance. For about 300 years now, travel and migration have had a strong influence on an increasingly globalised dance scene. Our portrait series shows: cultural exchange across and beyond all borders and limitations gives dancers impulses for creative work and enlivens their art.