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Best of INPUT 2017-2019

The Goethe-Institut has been a firm supporter of the idea of public television and of INPUT, the annual INternational PUblic Television conference, for a long time. That’s why our local institutes, literally on each corner of the globe, undertake to organize and host numerous conferences, called Mini-INPUT or Best-of-INPUT.

INPUT is a non-profit organisation of public television programme makers and broadcasters founded in 1977, with the goal of organizing this important annual conference, which is the biggest global showcase of television productions with the motto «Storytelling in the Public Interest». The programmes include TV shows, documentaries and dramas, sometimes made according to traditional “recipes”, sometimes challenging the traditions of TV making. INPUT is not a conference where “The Best” is celebrated – instead, solutions and ideas around Television as a medium is shared.

The Corona-Pandemic put INPUT conferences like this on hold, the last three INPUTs took place in Thessaloniki in 2017, in Brooklyn in 2018 and in Bangkok in 2019. Now, in 2021 the Goethe-Institut would like to connect Ethiopia to this global network by organizing a Best of INPUT 2017-2019. In essence, a conference for local TV-experts, filmmakers and film students where, as at the main conference, productions are screened, discussed and debated, which have been selected from the last three INPUTs.

Judy Tam – INPUT President, challenged the public broadcasting community to be the best at content creation, leadership, journalism, reporting, and broadcast distribution. INPUT always wants to challenge the delegates ‘to come up with ideas, meet friends, make friends, feel aspirational, and feel inspired to remember why it is that they chose to work in public service broadcasting.’

We are delighted to share 16 international TV-productions with you in ten sessions of different genres, formats and topics to give you the opportunity to discuss relevant questions about public service broadcasting. Our two INPUT experienced moderators, François Smit and Shurekha Singh from South Africa, will guide you through the programme. The only requirement to you as a participant is to be active and share your perspectives of the screened productions.

We hope that this event encourages Ethiopian TV directors and producers to generate content for the next INPUT conference in Barcelona, Spain, which will be held in May 2022, so that Ethiopia will be represented with own TV productions for the first time.
We wish you all delegates an inspirational time at the Goethe-Institut.

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