Television in public interest

INPUT, a non-profit organisation of public television programme makers and broadcasters, organises an annual conference to discuss and challenge the boundaries of public TV.​​​​​​​

INPUT Storytelling in the public interest © Input

Each year, a team together with a public broadcaster hosts the conference and provides the conference venue, technical facilities, and staff.

The board is composed of TV professionals, who define the strategy and work all year round to make the annual conference happen. The Goethe-Institut is a member of the International Board.

TV professionals around the world scout for programs that fit the aim of the conference on a national level. Each National Coordinator (NC) or country has its own selection system. The NCs submit their national choice to the annual International Selection.

The INPUT Conference sessions are hosted by Session Moderators who are TV professionals appointed by the Board. During the International Program Selection, the Moderators put together the program of the annual conference based on the program submissions by the National Coordinators. The Moderators are a diverse group who come from different corners of the world and have an equally diverse range of perspectives on the media landscape.

The role of the Goethe-Institut as a board member is to provide access to INPUT programs and discussions to local television experts in host countries such as Ethiopia by organizing and conducting so-called mini-INPUTs, thus connecting them to the world.

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