Gaming convention "CHEWATACON 2021"

Chewatacon © Chewatacon

Fri, 01.10.2021 -
Sun, 31.10.2021

Goethe-Institut, Modern Art Museum, Creative Hub, Iceaddis

The Ethiopian Gaming Festival, CHEWATACON, is the first-ever festival of its kind that aims to celebrate the Ethiopian gaming culture and explores dimensions of games and play in the local context and beyond. This festival that will run an entire month of October with the vision of being held annually invites all gamers, playful media designers, ‘play’ innovators, developers, hubs, publishers, game show producers, business/social partners, government representatives, consumers, communities and business owners and other playful creatives to come together and co-create a virtual mega playhouse for 5 weeks.

Chewatacon will Celebrate playfulness and promote the Ethiopian gaming ecosystem in order to establish a stronger, synergized and self-sustainable industry.

What is the festival about?
- Deconstructing the components of play, games, engagement, joy and proactive living and working on imagination
- Bringing together stakeholders from Ethiopian, African and beyond working on the gaming ecosystem and industry
- Exploring the potentials of games in another context
- Recognizing achievements on the fields of game

For more information on the program schedule please see PDF file or follow our social media posts with the hashtag #Chewatacon2021

Chewatacon timeline