Film Festival Science Film Festival 2023

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Fri, 13.10.2023 -
Wed, 20.12.2023

Addis Ababa

The festival partners organise film screenings and interactive science demonstrations throughout the festival period.

Goethe-Institut Äthiopien in partnership with the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS), the Children's Science Center, and their network of public, private, and foreign schools will hold the Science Film Festival 2023 in Ethiopia from 13 October until 20 December 2023. Up to 24 films appropriate for young pupils, youth, and the public will be screened in schools and institutes of higher education across Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

Amongst the key partners for the festival is the EAS, an organization that promotes scientific culture and scholarship in Ethiopia through its work with schools throughout the country and their Science Center within Addis Abeba. Furthermore, Kelem International School, amongst the first community schools in Ethiopia with 72 years of experience in the sector, is a crucial partner for the Science Film Festival 2023 and a member of the film selection committee for Ethiopia. Finally, the German Church School, a member of the Goethe-Institut’s PASCH network and amongst the few schools within Ethiopia with an inclusive curriculum for children with disabilities, shall participate in the Science Film Festival for a third year in a row.

Under this framework, the festival partners organise film screenings and interactive science demonstrations throughout the festival period. Although Addis Abeba will be the primary location for the festival, programmes outside of the capital will be organized wherever possible. To ensure accessibility to a wider audience across the country, the selected films selected will also be made available for online streaming.

Instructions to access the selected films and the teaching materials, use this link: Science Film Festival - Knowledge Through Entertainment - Goethe-Institut. Under the category Films, they then have the option to press on the field Country and select Ethiopia. All films will now be displayed.  Under the category Age Group, you can click on the desired age group to see the films that are suitable for your target group. Under the category Teaching Material, you have the possibility to access experiments and activities related to the films.


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