Dates and Enrolment

Goethe-Institut German exams registration Photo: Goethe-Institut/Bettina Siegwart

Our exams are being held at the Goethe-Institut Ghana in Accra and in cooperation with the Ghana Institute of Languages in Kumasi.You will find all information in our Language Course Flyer:

  • Registration for November/December Exams: 09.- 13.11.2020
  • Registration for February Exams (A1 only): 25.- 29.01.2021
  • Registration for March/April Exams: 22.- 26.02.2021
  • Registration for Juni Exams: 24.- 28.05.2021
  • Registration for September Exams: 16.- 20.08.2021
  • Registration for December Exams: 15.- 19.11.2021
Please make sure to present the following documents for registration:
  • valid passport or any other official photo ID
  • One passport sized picture
  • The required amount

Please note that the details of the presented documents (such as name and date of birth) will be transferred onto the certificates we issue. After the certificates are issued changes can only be made if sufficient documentation is presented and at a cost.

Registration must be done in the specified timeframe. Please note that registration automatically ends when we have reached the maximum number required.

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